Update at 12 Weeks

The past six weeks, since I last put photos on the website, paralled the beginning of another year of teaching for me. At the same time, we had six high energy puppies that we were preparing for their new homes. We are happy to report that four of our sweeties are loving life in their new homes: Rascal and Cash are in Oregon near the Portland area with familes that have children giving them extra love and attention.  Dolly (our future show dog) and Reba are in great homes in Northern California.   Meanwhile, our very special Waylon and Emmy Lou are getting special attention at my sister-in-law's home in Sunnyvale, sharing the home of their grandmother, Prata Lua "Eva" and their father, Ikon Time Bandit's "Garth." Check out the photos below of these two who patiently await their placements in a new home.

Weeks Five to Six

Feeding time is much easier as the pups quickly transitioned to puppy kibble starting with soft mush and by week six eating dry kibble.  They are less interested in mama but love to play with their older brother Rico.  Their favorite activity is tug of war and exploring the back yard flower garden.

Week Four

This week marked the beginning of feeding the pups goat's milk and baby rice cereal.  They all have their puppy teeth and that did it for mama Jetta. The pups are much more active wrestling with each other and exploring life outside the whelping box.  (See puppy videos)

Week Three

The pups are getting more active and their puppy teeth are coming through. Jetta's enthusiasm for nursing is waning. They are proving sturdier on their legs, starting to growl and play with toys and, most importantly, are going to the newspaper when they need to go potty--yeah! Today we are moving them out of the laundry room to the family room where they can play in a much bigger whelping box. Let the fun begin!

Boot Scootin' Puppies--born July 23, 2010.
These puppies will be ready for their new homes the week of Sept. 20. There are three males: Cash, Rascal, and Waylon, and three females: Reba, Emmy Lou, and Dolly. These photos were taken two days before their three-week old birthday.
Dam: Farralon Prata Lua Jetta
Sire: Ikon's Time Bandit (Garth)